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Flash 2016 LED

  • product feature 
 1.Small & compact package and with high efficiency;
 2.Large current shock resistance:≤1000mA;
3. Low thermal resistance、≤8℃/W,High reliability;
4. High CRI≥90;
5. ESD protection up to 8KV;
6.RoHS compliant & Pb free.
  • Application
Camera phones、 Photography light、Handhelds、Digital still cameras and so on.

Type Some Standard Model  VF IF IFP



Luminous Flux Specification
Flash 2016 LED A2016C-W57WG5H3AD1D3-0001 3-3.8V 350mA 500mA 70 5000-6000K 90-140lm 140-180lm
A2016C-W22WG4H2AD1D3-0001 3-3.8V 350mA 500mA 70 1950-2450K 80-130lm
A2016C-W57WK1K2AD1D3-0001 3-3.8V 500mA 1000mA 70 5000-6000K 250-310lm
A2016C-W22WK0K1AD1D3-0001 3-3.8V 500mA 1000mA 70 1950-2450K 220-280lm
A2016C-W57WK2K3AD1D3-0001 3-3.8V 500mA 1500mA 70 5000-6000K 280-340lm
A2016C-W57WJ2K1AD1D3-0001 3-3.8V 500mA 1000mA 70 5000-6000K 200-280lm