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5050 0.2W

  • product feature

1.PPA package;

2.Top view white LED;

3. High luminous intensity output;

4.Wide viewing angle ,Pb-free;

5.RoHS compliant.;

6.IEC60081 Binning.

  • Application
Indicators, Decorative and Entertainment Lighting, Full color display, Illumination and so on.

系列 功率 部分标准型号  电压 色温 显指 亮度 规格书
PPA5050  60mA 0.2W T50501-W27SB7C0B2B7-AI00 18-22 2.7-3.3V 41S  RA80
T50501-W29SB7C0B2B7-AI00 50S  RA80
T50501-W34SB7C0B2B7-AI00 64S  RA80
T50501-W27SC0C1B2B7-AI00 20-24 27S  RA80
T50501-W29SC0C1B2B7-AI00 29S  RA80
T50501-W34SC0C1B2B7-AI00 34S  RA80
T50501-W27SC1C2B2B7-AI00 22-26 27S  RA80
T50501-W29SC1C2B2B7-AI00 29S  RA80
T50501-W34SC1C2B2B7-AI00 34S  RA80
T50501-W27SC2D0B2B7-AI00 24-28 27S  RA80
T50501-W29SC2D0B2B7-AI00 29S  RA80
T50501-W34SC2D0B2B7-AI00 34S  RA80
T50501-W41SB7C0B2B7-AI00 20-24 41S  RA80
T50501-W50SB7C0B2B7-AI00 50S  RA80
T50501-W64SB7C0B2B7-AI00 64S  RA80
T50501-W41SC1C2B2B7-AI00 22-26 41S  RA80
T50501-W50SC1C2B2B7-AI00 50S  RA80
T50501-W64SC1C2B2B7-AI00 64S  RA80
T50501-W41SC2D0B2B7-AI00 24-28 41S  RA80
T50501-W50SC2D0B2B7-AI00 50S  RA80
T50501-W64SC2D0B2B7-AI00 64S  RA80
T50501-W41SD0D1B2B7-AI00 26-30 41S  RA80
T50501-W50SD0D1B2B7-AI00 50S  RA80
T50501-W64SD0D1B2B7-AI00 64S  RA80