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2835 0.2W 3V 60mA 29-34Lm

  • product feature 
1.2835 0.2w SMD LED; 
2.High luminous flux ;
3.Meet ANSL/ERP standard ;
4.Possess LM-80 Report ;
5.RoHs certification .
  • Application
Panel light, strip light, spot light, down light,street light and so on.

Type W Some Standard Model  Lm VF CCT CRI Specification
2835灯管 0.2W T28351-W29SC6C7FB2B3-AF00 29-33 2.7-2.9 29S  RA80
T28351-W34SC6C7FB2B3-AF00 34S  RA80
T28351-W29SC6C7FB2B3-AF03 29S  RA80
T28351-W34SC6C7FB2B3-AF03 34S  RA80
T28351-W29SC6C7FB2B3-AF04 29S  RA80
T28351-W34SC6C7FB2B3-AF04 34S  RA80
T28351-W29SC6C7FB2B3-AF05 29S  RA80
T28351-W34SC6C7FB2B3-AF05 34S  RA80
T28351-W50SD2E0FB3B5-AF00 30-34 2.8-3.1 50S  RA80
T28351-W41SD2E0FB3B5-AF01 41S  RA80
T28351-W64SD2E0FB3B5-AF00 64S  RA80
T28351-W41SD2E0FB2B3-AF02 2.7-2.9 41S  RA80
T28351-W50SD2E0FB2B3-AF02 50S  RA80
T28351-W64SD2E0FB2B3-AF02 64S  RA80
T28351-W41SD2E0FB2B3-AF01 41S  RA80
T28351-W50SD2E0FB2B3-AF00 50S  RA80
T28351-W64SD2E0FB2B3-AF00 64S  RA80
T28351-W62GD2E0FB3B5-AF00 2.8-3.1 62G  RA80
T28351-W62GD2E0FB2B3-AF02 2.7-2.9 62G  RA80
T28351-W62GD2E0FB2B3-AF03 62G  RA80