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EMC3030 100mA 1W

  • product feature

1.PCT package;

2.Top view white LED;

3. High luminous intensity output/

4.Wide viewing angle ,Pb-free;

5.RoHS compliant.;

6.IEC60081 Binning.

  • Application
General lighting, Decorative Lighting , Indicators , Illumination ,Switch lights and so on.

Type W Some Standard Model  VF CCT CRI Lm Specification
EMC3030  100mA 1W E30301-W27SJ2J3FE8F2-0000 100-120 8.8-9.8v 27S  RA80
E30301-W29SJ2J3FE8F2-0000 29S  RA80
E30301-W34SJ2J3FE8F2-0000 34S  RA80
E30301-W27SJ3K0FE8F2-0000 110-130 8.8-9.8v 27S  RA80
E30301-W29SJ3K0FE8F2-0000 29S  RA80
E30301-W34SJ3K0FE8F2-0000 34S  RA80
E30301-W27SK0K1FE8F2-0000 120-140 8.8-9.8v 27S  RA80
E30301-W29SK0K1FE8F2-0000 29S  RA80
E30301-W34SK0K1FE8F2-0000 34S  RA80
E30301-W41SJ2J3FE8F2-0000 100-120 8.8-9.8v 41S  RA80
E30301-W50SJ2J3FE8F2-0000 50S  RA80
E30301-W64SJ2J3FE8F2-0000 64S  RA80
E30301-W41SJ3K0FE8F2-0000 110-130 8.8-9.8v 41S  RA80
E30301-W50SJ3K0FE8F2-0000 50S  RA80
E30301-W64SJ3K0FE8F2-0000 64S  RA80
E30301-W41SK0K1FE8F2-0000 120-140 8.8-9.8v 41S  RA80
E30301-W50SK0K1FE8F2-0000 50S  RA80
E30301-W64SK0K1FE8F2-0000 64S  RA80
E30301-W41SK1K2FE8F2-0000 130-150 8.8-9.8v 41S  RA80
E30301-W50SK1K2FE8F2-0000 50S  RA80
E30301-W64SK1K2FE8F2-0000 64S  RA80